Luke LaLonde



Don’t worry, Born Ruffians are still going strong. The band’s frontman, Luke Lalonde, is just a prolific artist who had some downtime from his day band and was doing what he does best – writing and recording. Lalonde found himself taking songs from their infancy and completing them on his own (except for the odd piano and violin) without ever wanting to share it with anybody else. But what he ended up with is a stunning debut LP.

Thematically, his solo debut, Rhythymnals was originally centred around the notion of sound existing whether we do or not and our unique ability to interpret it and manipulate it. But in the end the album ended up sprawling outward to narratives about gender confused couples, a man who hates his boyish looks so he cuts his face up, long distance relationships and rejection. Rhythymnals plays out like a passionate whim that changes from day to day.

Rhythymnals was written and recorded from early 2010 to spring 2012 in Montreal and Toronto at home (in various apartments and living rooms) by Luke Lalonde and at Boombox sound with Roger Leavens.

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