Becky Ninkovic’s band You Say Party released critically acclaimed records, toured the world and were long-listed for the Polaris Music Prize before the tragic loss of their drummer, Devon Clifford. In 2010 the band was performing when he collapsed from a brain hemorrhage and never recovered. From this devastating moment, Becky found herself in the deep end of a mental health crisis. Wordless melodies and beats gestated through these years, though they were never intended for public release. Finally, Becky began to develop a sense of resiliency, hope for her artistic process—and for life itself-through therapeutic work, motherhood and the process of recording her first solo album, Woe (Aug 23, Paper Bag Records).

Now Becky is leading a community spirited initiative, including the formation of a multi-media-enhanced choir to perform Woe. A robust body of voices elevates these songs up, out, and away, while shadows turn to hypnotic repetitions of colours, and compelling visuals project a slow and intricate creative healing process through sound, movement, and textile art

Tour Dates

July 25 – Jam In Jubilee Festival, Abbotsford, B.C.
August 24 – 100 Braid Street, New Westminister, B.C.


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