About Paper Bag Records

We’ve been working on this "selling formatted music to other human beings" thing for over fifteen years. Over that time we have developed a way to distinguish ourselves from all of the other records labels out there. Get this: we only release music that we love. Nobody else does that. Nobody. Don’t even ask. It’s true.

How did we come up with an idea so unique you ask? In the early 00’s we were having a "blue sky" meeting about how to make selling music great again and one of our team members contributed a phrase that has never been said before: “It’s all about the music, folks”.  The rest is history. An original, never-heard-before, history.

Since our ideas, passions and products are so revolutionary and groundbreaking, Fontana North and The Orchard distribute our musical recordings in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, respectively.


Paper Bag Records is very thankful to FACTOR and the OMDC for all of their continued support over the years.