The Acorn



The Acorn, the project of Rolf Klausener, began as a collection of home recordings in 2002. These furtive electro-acoustic explorations inspired by the Ottawa Valley would eventually become The Acorn’s first full-length release, 2004’s The Pink Ghosts. Over the next few years, the nascent project took to the road, forging ties, and released a few independent EPs.

In 2006, Rolf spent several months conducting intimate interviews with his mother regarding her turbulent childhood and eventual emigration from Honduras to Montreal in 1974; combined with explorations into traditional Central American music and folklore, the band recorded, Glory Hope Mountain. It was nominated for the 2008 Polaris Music Prize. The following 3 years saw the band touring extensively world-wide with acts big and small. In 2010, they released their 3rd full length album, No Ghost.

With the group’s founding band members scattered across Canada, the project took an unofficial hiatus in 2011. Between 2011-2013, Rolf emerged to play a handful of shows in Canada and the UK, but spent most of his energy on new personal projects.

In 2014, Rolf unearthed 3 years worth of writing, taking on a slew of forms from dark electro soul, to minimalist dirge folk. The recordings will find their way on an new album titled VIEUX LOUP in 2015.

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