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You may recognize the names Mathieu Charbonneau and Pietro Amato. Over many years, the two Montreal musicians have worked together and apart in multiple musical formations. Initially, they were two thirds of instrumental trio Torngat, who in their time as a group made four albums and toured widely. Later, Amato and Charbonneau contributed to the group Ferriswheel, and for many years toured and recorded as core members of the Luyas. Pietro continues to work with the Luyas and is a member of Bell Orchestre, while also playing with countless others. Mathieu is a member of Timber Timbre and Avec Pas d'Casque. Both musicians are sought-after collaborators, producers, film composers and accomplished multi-instrumentalists.

Although their names are familiar, and Amato and Charbonneau have worked together off and on since their earliest days of music-making, Synth Works Vol.1 is actually your first occasion to hear these two together specifically as a duo. This project continues on a path initially forged by early electronic artists like Harmonia, Neu! and Laurie Spiegel, among many others. Synth Works Vol.1 is a slow, pensive experience that unfolds over many listens. Entirely self-produced and thoughtfully rendered, the music was made over long distance while each player was on tour with other bands; Charbonneau developed the modular synthelements, and Amato fleshed out the minimalist arrangements with texture and melody, until ultimately the two reconvened to sculpt, edit and mix these instrumental tracks. The spacious soundscapes, unidentifiable sounds and complex textures offer suggestive nods to some ambient music references, but there remains always a melodic thread that brings the work into focus. Charbonneau and Amato plumb the depths of all of their unique sensibility, talent and shared history to bring you something calming, compelling and entirely new.

Tour Dates

June 7, 2018                                                                 Casa del Popolo                                            Montreal, QC

June 14, 2018                                                               The Burdock                                                 Toronto, ON

June 17, 2018                                                                The Black Sheep Inn                                    Wakefield, QC


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