Hey Mother Death



Hey Mother Death is the meeting of Laurence Strelka who comes from a background of theater and cinema and was mentored by the cult film director Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Denma Peisinger who spent years mentoring with the San Franciscan free jazz visionary Jerry Granelli.

Laurence and Denma encountered in Paris at the school of the great theater master, Philippe Gaulier. They connected.

Their music is spontaneously composed and recorded. The recordings literally capture the first moments Denma and Laurence sat down with instruments together. Produced by the duo themselves in various unconventional spaces, almost every first take was used. Although Denma and Laurence had no preconceptions going into the project, their work demonstrates an intense direction and connection that is both shockingly free and wild.

Hey Mother Death recorded Highway to vintage tape and mixed it with Bill Skibbe at the Key Club Recording Studio in Michigan, on Sly Stone’s Flickinger console from There’s A Riot Going On. The album was mastered in London, England by Mandy Parnell (Bjork).

Highway is a dubwise, spoken word album embedded with deep soul and cinematic overtones. This is a layered piece of music that grew over time and distance. The duo of Denma Peisinger and Laurence Strelka traveled with these recordings from the solitude of Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia to claustrophobia in Paris, finally settling down to finish the work at a 13th century house in Limousin, rural France. Electricity makes an album, and the electricity in Limousin was utterly haunted. The duo soon learned to conjure spells and control current with emotion, all the while struggling to cast demons out from their hearts, bodies, and centuries old walls. It was a process of supernatural reconciliation that is now etched way down in the groove on Highway.

The hard-earned four tracks on Highway are rich in analog warmth; they lay heavy in the tape, pulsing along at an easy pace. Sensual threats are whispered. Guitars weep. Bass and drums stay steady. This is weathered fire music that crawled through spirit, its creators, and now into you.

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