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The Paper Bag Sessions Volume 1
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  1. Under The Knife – The Rural Alberta Advantage
  2. Lose It – Austra
  3. Lindsay – Elliott BROOD
  4. Facelove – PS I Love You
  5. Standing On The Edge – Cuff The Duke
  6. Tornado ’87 – The Rural Alberta Advantage
  7. Believe Me – Austra
  8. If I Get Old – Elliott BROOD
  9. Butterflies and Boners – PS I Love You
  10. Letting Go – Cuff The Duke

The Paper Bag Sessions Vol. 1 is the audio companion to the Paper Bag Sessions video series.

Just over a year ago, we started shooting and distributing our own series of videos around each of our new releases. The videos are always shot by videographer Mitch Fillion in intriguing locations and usually gives an unexpected twist on the material being performed.

The completed sessions are also a neighbourly way of providing exclusive content to blogs and websites that are always supportive of the label’s artists. Paper Bag Sessions videos have been posted on sites like Pitchfork, Stereogum, Herohill, Disco Naïveté, Quick Before It Melts and Soft Signal.

The Paper Bag Sessions have also seen some geography in their short lifetime. The sessions have travelled from PS I Love You’s homage to their hometown in Kingston, to Cuff The Duke returning to their studio away from home on Greg Keelor’s farm, to The Rural Alberta Advantage cruising around Toronto.

Look for more sessions to surface as companions to future Paper Bag Records releases in 2012.