Young Galaxy
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The winter of 2014/2015 took Young Galaxy from their studio in Montreal to Gothenburg and back. The band’s brilliant new full length Falsework completes the sound they have been mining on their past two albums Shapeshifting (2011) and Ultramarine (2013) with producer Dan Lissvik (Studio, Atelje). The album is undeniably synth pop without the simplicity and was informed and inspired by 80’s electro, acid house and r&b, music that was well ahead of its time. Falsework was made using machines from the past to sound like music from the future.

Young Galaxy - August 11-13 2016
On August 11th at the Up Here in Sudbury, ON
Young Galaxy - August 19-21 2016
On August 19th at the Camp Wavelength in Toronto, ON
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