The Luyas
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Montreal’s The Luyas return with the release of ‘Says You’, the first new recordings since their 2012 album, ‘Animator’. The lyrics are funny and smart, at times even touching. The music is playful and diverse: ranging from cacophonous piles of synth, to woven patterns of interlacing melody. There are pads of horns mimicking some great, imagined organ, and layered rhythms egging each other along. Each of the EP’s five songs is a little world of its own characters, particular sense of humour, rules of physics, blue skies and acid rain. Like sitting down at a table with a friend, ‘Says You’ bounces from the banal, to the absurd. It cuts a joke, it empties its wallet, it promises to get the tip next time, and when you smile, it smiles back. Listen to it and see if you like it.

The Luyas - September 9, 2016
On September 9th at the Arts Riot in Burlington, VT
The Luyas - September 14, 2016
On September 14th at the The Casbah in Hamilton, ON
The Luyas - September 15, 2016
On September 15th at the Ebar in Guelph, ON
The Luyas - September 16, 2016
On September 16th at the Double Double Land in Toronto
The Luyas - September 22, 2016
On September 22nd at the Schubas in Chicago, IL
The Luyas - September 23, 2016
On September 23rd at the Schubas in Chicago, IL
The Luyas - September 24, 2016
On September 24th at the Divan Orange in Montreal, QC
The Luyas - September 28, 2016
On September 28th at the Grad Club in Kingston, ON
The Luyas - September 29, 2016
On September 29th at the Cake Shop in New York, NY
The Luyas - September 30, 2016
On September 30th at the Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY
The Luyas - October 1, 2016
On October 1st at the Waking Windows in Portland, ME
The Luyas - October 6, 2016
On October 6th at the The Spill in Peterborough, ON
The Luyas - October 7, 2016
On October 7th at the Le Temporaire in Gatineau, QC
The Luyas - December 8, 2016
On December 8th at the Bar le Ritz PDB in Montreal, QC
The Luyas - December 16, 2016
On December 16th at the Pantoum in Quebec, QC
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