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Paul Saulnier and Benjamin Nelson raised their band from Kingston’s lowest places, from bars and basements and late-night pits of the heart, above the swirling fug of death dreams and depression, until this two-piece rock’n’roll act was like a black and red corona setting St George’s aglow. And then while Nelson minded the fort(s), Paul left home – to Toronto, following his heart.

‘For Those Who Stay’ is PS I Love You’s third album, and it was made after Paul quit Kingston for a different big smoke. Of course the band had to go back to Kingston to record it – working at a place called the Bathouse, the duo’s first time in “a proper studio”.

“We basically grew our band and did live takes and then I added 100 guitars to each song,” Saulnier says. It was he (legion of guitars, lead vocals) and Nelson (drums, secondary vocals), plus help from friends Tim Bruton (keyboards) and Matt Rogalsky (production, synth bass). The pro studio added another dimension to these recordings: beside the shrieking mountains of riff there are quiet moments and cosmic moments, moments soft-sung or jangly. There’s a little more Iggy Pop, post-Stooges; some Bowie and a jolt of weird Canada. The title track tells its plot-twists in seven minutes of bending riffs and pan-galactic spin. “Limestone Radio” is a song of ghosts.

‘For Those Who Stay’ was encouraged by the girding strength of love but of course it’s still dredging and confused, of course it’s still resplendent in its churn. Maybe it’s the sound of leaving home and still hearing it calling.

PS I Love You - August 20, 2014
On Wednesday at the Mavericks in Ottawa, ON
PS I Love You - August 21, 2014
On Thursday at the II Motore in Montreal, QC
PS I Love You - August 22, 2014
On Friday at the Cafe 939 in Boston, MA
PS I Love You - August 23, 2014
On Saturday at the Rough Trade in New York, NY
PS I Love You - August 25, 2014
On Monday at the DC9 in Washington, DC
PS I Love You - August 26, 2014
On Tuesday at the Rumba Cafe in Columbus, OH
PS I Love You - August 27, 2014
On Wednesday at the Schubas Tavern in Chicago, IL
PS I Love You - September 5, 2014
On September 5th at the Windsor Hotel in Winnipeg, MB
PS I Love You - September 6, 2014
On September 6th at the Amigos in Saskatoon, SK
PS I Love You - September 7, 2014
On September 7th at the The Exchange in Regina, SK
PS I Love You - September 9, 2014
On September 9th at the Hifi Club in Calgary, AB
PS I Love You - September 10, 2014
On September 10th at the Pawn Shop in Edmonton, AB
PS I Love You - September 11, 2014
On September 11th at the Rifflandia in Victoria, BC
PS I Love You - September 12, 2014
On September 12th at the Club Fortune in Vancouver, BC
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